Two more days to go to “Honoring All Moms Day”

And I’m making a mental menu list for our celebration. We stopped taking mom out to eat because she doesn’t like the crowd and the long wait for food. Instead, we just do it at home, cook my mom’s favorites and just relax. She would have guests anyway- my cousins who make it a point to come by on the day itself to greet her personally and give her presents too. It is going to be a busy weekend for me as I have other moms to think of- a cousin mom; an aunt mom; a friend mom and moms close to my heart I need to give props for being awesome moms- whether thru a phone greeting or some special concoction from my kitchen. One of my friends is also celebrating her birthday on Sunday and I need to bake a cake for her. And guess what, I just got off the phone and I got some requests for some dishes to be included in my Sunday menu. My hands will definitely be full but it's alright-it only happens once a year; a very simple way to express gratitude to our moms for bringing us into this world


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