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Veggieful Scrambled Egg Whites
I was thinking omelet but I didn’t put enough oil in my pan when I sautéed my veggies. I realized so when I poured my beaten egg whites and saw I have so much veggies and so when I tried to flip it, it broke into a mass of scrambled eggs with feta cheese. In a way, it worked to my advantage because I prefer the softness of scrambled eggs over omelet. I love the mild and clean flavor of baby spinach, the sweetness of my baby peppers and red onion with the mild saltiness of the feta cheese and a hint of lemony flavor from the fresh thyme which I added to the mix. It seems like I ate a mountain of vegetables and yet none of the bloated feeling.

Egg White Cake - Munavalgekook (an Estonian cake)

I had to search the internet for a cake recipe using egg whites that is not an angel food cake or meringue or macarons and found one from another blogger,Nami-Nami. It was a very easy recipe except that some ingredients are in grams which I am not familiar with and lazy to do conversion so I just used the standard 1 cup for the flour since I’m using 6 egg whites. I don’t even know how many egg whites are there in a cup so I just used a cup and added lemon extract to the pure vanilla and a whole stick of unsalted butter. It’s beautiful, light but slightly dense in texture and so delicious. This is a recipe you can play with using various fruit flavors. I used a full cup of caster sugar so it was not too sweet, I even served it with scoops of Neapolitan ice cream and my mom loved it.


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