Flowers and Angel Food Cake for Mother's Day

I used to give her cologne or a fruit basket on Mother's Day but this time, I thought it's more meaningful to make a cake for her and cook her favorite pasta. I'm talking about the Pandan Angel Food Cake I made for my mom. The frosting may not look that smooth but it is so delicious and the cake is rich in pandan flavor and as tender as always. Now I don't feel bad anymore that I haven't found pandan paste in the stores I've been to. For the frosting, I used cream cheese, unsalted butter, imitation coconut flavor, confectioner's sugar and young coconut. I only used a cup of confectioner's sugar so I didn't have any frosting left. My cake is tall, in fact I have three layers but I always end up with leftover frosting which eventually goes to the trash because I always forget to use it so this time I made what I thought was just enough forjavascript:void(0) the cake. I toasted grated coconut as well which I sprinkled on top and on the sides. My mom loved it; our guests loved it and most of all, I love it. This should belong to my Angel Food Cake A Day Project too.

My mom loves white sauce and bacon so I cooked linguini carbonara with lots of Pecorino-Romano Cheese and she loved it. I sure pampered her today and she's all happy which the plan was anyway. Happy Mother's Day Mom and to all moms out there!


  1. Faye, the angel food cake is so pretty! And the green color is very appealing! Nom nom~ :D I'm gonna try your mango angel food cake once I find the mango extract! Excited! :D

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  3. Thanks Michelle! Good luck on your mango extract hunt :-)


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