I’m a sore loser!

They lost last night so I didn’t cook anything for my friends at work. Yeah, although I told them I’m bringing food today. Well, I didn’t feel like cooking after the game last night so it is now confirmed…. I’m a sore loser! Anyway, they knew it was coming- somehow. I'll just make it up to them tomorrow, maybe... To my followers, please bear with me. This is going to be over soon as we're on the Western Conference finals. By June, we'll know who's going to be the champs and I can go on with my life and not be consumed by the results of the games to the point that it affects my life- sort of. But it’s nice to be back! See, I even got a new jersey for my birthday-that’s one of the perks of celebrating a birthday so it’s not that bad to grow a year older after all :-)


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