Last day at home and bubbly!

Wow…. I can’t believe I’m on my last day in Restville. Tomorrow it’s going to be hello Money Market! Next time I am taking a longer one and go out of town. In retrospect, it has been a fruitful mini-vacation. I saw myself finally hitting the gym once again and going back to being active. And after the aches and soreness here and there, I feel nothing but renewed energy - in fact, I'm as bubbly as this cherry lemonade and ready to go back to work again.

Yesterday, we had lunch at the Outback before we went to see Shrek: Forever After. I didn’t eat meat though and instead tried a fish dish from their menu. It is called Fresh Tilapia with Pure Lump Crab Meat which is indeed a fresh tilapia filet with a lump of crab meat and mushrooms nestled on top then drizzled with creamy lemon-butter sauce and served with seasonal veggies.

We were served with the usual squaw bread and butter while waiting for the main course and I may have been too hungry or I just missed the bread so much that I almost finished one all by myself. I remember when I used to order extra to bring home for my sandwiches. I just love their squaw bread.

Anyway, ordering fish was a very wise choice because the dish is just so delicious and light although I would prefer my veggies to be just half done. For dessert, we shared a slice of cheesecake with raspberry sauce. It’s very seldom that we have individual orders of dessert. It’s just so much fun (and diet-friendly) digging in with five or more forks trying to outdo each other to get a bite of whatever we order to finish off a meal.

So now, I have to spend the day preparing something I can bring to work tomorrow. We have long ago stopped treating birthday celebrants on their birthdays. Instead, they are supposed to feed us on their special day. I told them I am bringing my birthday treat for them when I come back to work. I have made one cake which is now in the freezer. It is another angel food cake and I used a flavoring which I found in the store shelf when I bought Michelle's mango and pandan flavorings. It will be a nice addition to my stash. More description when I'm done dressing the cake :-)


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