I haven't cooked and blogged because ...

Busy schedule

Somehow, there’s food when I get home

Tired and goes straight to bed after shower

I just want to relax and do my KDrama marathon

At times, I have bouts with migraine here; allergy there

It’s a phase and I will go back to what I really love- eventually


  1. Which drama are you watching nowadays?

  2. I'm watching Personal Taste and Be Strong Geum Soon (I'm on the 124th episode)

  3. I am watching Personal Taste too. It is cuteee. I don't know the second one.

  4. You bet! I was surprised to see YEH there in a guest role. The second one is kinda old but I like it a lot. It stars Kang Ji Hwan of Hong Gil Dong and Capital Scandal fame. It is about family and really well acted by the whole cast.


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