A healthy mini-vacation

I’m on the third day of my mini-vacation (will be back to work on Monday) and so far, I’ve been to the gym for the third consecutive morning. I must admit I’ve been really bad and didn’t have any activity for a long time- except for the occasional morning jog to the park. Hopefully, I can sustain the enthusiasm to work out regularly. I even bought a new basketball and have been playing in our backyard. Just dribbling and shooting the ball makes you sweat buckets and it's never boring. That’s the reason why I haven’t cooked or baked anything. I’m just sore all over and instead of cooking my meal; I end up eating cereal and fruits. But I have to go back to the kitchen soon. I have so much stuff in the fridge to use for something. Let me think of something healthy for lunch and I’ll be back :-)


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