Belated birthday treats

Not a lot but I assume this would suffice for now. My friends didn't think I'd cook something because of the lost game last night but I can't postpone this anymore. But give me a great Thursday night and there's more for Friday. This is still connected to my homeboys- because I breathe and live Lakers this time of the year. Anyway, this is my no-frills angel food cake. So light and refreshing- according to them so I would say it drew another thumbs up from my friends although some teased me why I chose to make something green this time. It's not even "that" shade of green and I just wanted to try my recently discovered food flavoring.
There is a very popular Filipino dessert which is a mixture of pandan flavored jell-o, young coconut (which is called buco or buko), heavy cream and condensed milk. I’ve tasted other varieties where palm fruit is added but basically, it is pandan-flavored jell-o and young coconut with sweetened cream, chilled then served. I was so excited when I discovered McCormick has added the flavor to their array of flavorings and extracts. That means I can use it for baking. So I used it for the first time and found out I didn’t have to add green food coloring like I do when I use plain pandan flavor. Awesome! And my cake turned out really good. I haven’t tried making buco-pandan salad so I don’t have my own picture but I got this picture from the net- from another blogger (just borrowing :-)

I wish I have better pictures of this rice dish I made- Arroz Ala Valenciana and sponge cupcakes with grated cheese. My friends enjoyed them nonetheless so I guess that's what counts.


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