3rd win in a row and my Mother's Day menu’s looking good

It’s been a really busy Saturday in the kitchen for me. I made fruit salad, sweet rice cake with caramel topping, a fish dish and liver steak. My fish dish is bass fillets with creamy cajun sauce. I was going to do filete empapelado but my hands are full and I just don't have time to wrap the fish in foil to bake.

I have fresh beef liver which I marinated in soy sauce, chili flakes, lemon juice, garlic powder and olive oil then slowly pan fried with caramelized onions and bell peppers. Liver is not really that popular among my friends but I love it especially when grilled or cooked like steak. It is also a very good source of iron which perhaps explains why I'm used to it. I was anemic as a child and had to eat liver a lot.

I was going back and forth to the kitchen and the living room because my homeboys were playing as I was baking my angel food cakes. And my Lakers got win #3 and could sweep on Monday, yay!

My angel food cakes are cooling right now. The first is pandan which I will frost with coconut whipped cream and then I will sprinkle fresh coconut on top- maybe some on the sides too. My mom will love it for sure. Honestly, I’m excited to make it because it reminds me of another Filipino dessert - Buco-Pandan which is young coconut strips mixed with pandan flavored jello with heavy cream. That is my inspiration in making this angel food cake.

The second one is for my best friend who’s actually like a sister to me. She is celebrating her birthday tomorrow so I made her favorite mango angel food cake which I will fill and frost with mango whipped cream and top with fresh mango slices.

So I have my desserts for tomorrow covered. I can now sit back and relax while savoring my homeboys' victory :-)


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