Chamango Raspado!

For those who don’t know what a raspado is, it is the Mexican snow cone or shaved ice flavored with syrup of your choice. It could be sweet and spicy at the same time or just plain sweet and I never thought spicy drinks will catch my fancy- ever! But after tasting one a couple of years ago which is a blend of pureed tamarind and plum with spices, now I think of them as the true thirst quencher on a hot summer day. Well it’s not summer yet but we already got our raspados today. I ordered Chamango Raspado which is big chunks of crunchy mango mixed with chamoy and shaved ice. OMG! This is much better than my favorite tamarind raspado because it has real fruits in it. It is a wonderful explosion of the sweet, the sour and the spicy flavors in my mouth. I think I may have to search for the recipe in case I get a craving for it during some ungodly hours. If not, Raspado Xpress is the place to go for raspados and so much more!


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