Thai lunch again

Lunch is always a concern at work. By 10:00 am, we would be asking each other what we’re having for lunch. Most of the time two people would go out to buy food for everybody if none of us brought any. I don’t even know what to eat today and for a while, I thought I’d settle for cup noodles but I just got a sudden craving for Thai food. Come to think of it, it’s been months and months ago since we last had lunch out.
Well, the situation has not changed from then- we still cannot go out together, as in everybody. So only two of us again went but this time, we didn’t call our order because we want to go over the menu. They may have something new and interesting. And it was a wise decision because I would have ordered the same beef soup with noodles. We got lucky as the place wasn't really packed so we didn't wait too long for our food. I ordered sizzling fried noodles with shrimps, bean sprouts, carrots, onions and topped with fluffy scrambled eggs and my favorite young coconut juice.

My friend safely stuck to her combination chop suey and iced chai tea. She has very simple tastes and she barely started eating fish as a result of our constant nagging- that there's a lot of exciting food out there other than chicken :-) She’s really funny because she loves to dump whatever hot sauce (it could be tapatio, Tabasco, sriracha or any chili sauce) in everything she eats- except desserts. So seeing her pouring chili sauce on her chop suey doesn’t shock me anymore.

Going back to the dish I had, it was simply good. I love the fresh shrimps and vegetables, the perfectly scrambled egg topping and the right amount of its spiciness as a whole. It would be nice to try making it in my kitchen.

Overall, it was a nice lunch and we left the restaurant feeling sleepy and bloated from too much drink because we both had refills of our respective drinks.


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