Pandan Angel Food Cake Take 2

I know I was supposed to post pictures last Monday night but I just got too excited watching the game so I was kind of drained and tired- more so after baking and frosting so off to bed I was. Anyway, the cake is for my "never-to-be-deprived friends" at work and I have to take pictures when I cut and plate it so I thought last night was the best time- if I didn’t go to bed right away. It was one of those nights when I just didn’t have any energy left after a busy day at work. Okay, so my cake drew a lot of compliments from my friends.  And I’ve been making a lot of angel food cake but I just realized that the texture is almost like that of a chiffon cake when I freeze it after frosting when I am supposed to serve it the next day. Take it out of the freezer in the morning and when you serve it for lunch, it is at its best because it has thawed by that time and it’s really soft and kind of cool. This works best with frosted and filled angel food cake and I guarantee you, it is a crowd-pleaser.


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