Yan Yan Cookie Snack

Funny how one day I was so hungry and desperately needed something to appease my hunger but it was so close to lunch time and didn’t want to eat anything too heavy lest it spoils my appetite for the real meal. I went to my car to search for something to munch on; did frantically and lo and behold, I found this wonderful cup which is destined to save my day.
It is a very popular snack among Asians. Made by Meiji from Japan, these slim pretzel-like sticks albeit more brittle and crispy come in a two-compartment cup; one for the cookie sticks and the smaller one for the gooey chocolate cream for dipping.
The sticks are light with mild sesame flavor and the chocolate cream just sweet enough that you end up scraping the section for every drop. They come in three different flavors- vanilla, strawberry and my favorite, chocolate. It is so much a part of my childhood and until now as an adult; it still brings a certain excitement dipping each stick to the chocolate cream. I feel like a child again and the words written on each stick adds up to the fun in eating them. I was so hungry I didn’t think about lining up all the sticks on my desk so I can take pictures but here are some of them


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