It’s all about Fish

I know it’s going to happen in one of the games in this series. And it happened tonight. Derek being Derek at crunch time will deliver given the opportunity because he’s tough and not afraid to take the big shots. When Kobe's shots are not falling, who do we turn to but Derek Fisher? He was huge in the fourth where he made all the difference and so we regained home court advantage with another W.

In my excitement, I forgot about the cheesecake and the chocolate cake I made. That can wait. I have steak for grilling, seasoned and marinated but after the game, I felt I have to do something lighter and do something to give props to Fish as well. So I cooked tilapia which I seasoned with salt, pepper, honey mustard and lemon juice then pan fried in a little canola oil. Simple but it tasted like the best fish in the world with tonight’s victory.


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