And the season is finally over!

It is a gloomy Friday but the sun shines brightly at Land O’ Lakers or Lakersland. And what a nice feeling to wake up this morning knowing our Lakers won their back to back title last night. Yes, the season is finally over and honestly, I’m tired from all the excitement of the game and there was just so much emotions involved here that I wish I could stay in bed and just watch a replay of the game last night- this time not antsy and nervous anymore because I already know how it will end. But I need to go to work and share the joy with my friends/co-workers and fulfill my commitment to make or bake something that we can share amongst us while we relive the exciting game that was last night.

I have to go back a little about what happened yesterday on my way home. I saw a lot of cars with Lakers flag and started counting till I got tired and lost count. For some reason I got goose bumps and it dawned on me that this is the first time they are in a make or break situation in the finals. In their past championship runs, they disposed their opponents in six games or less. In 2004, they were routed by Detroit in game 5 which pretty much ended the Shaq-Kobe era.

So every Lakers fan is pumped up for the game; full of anticipation and ready to cheer for the team. I can’t wait to get home so I can do my pre-game rituals. I also want to see how the game will start to have a feel of it. I still have time so I watered the shaded part of the front lawn (the sun has not set fully at that time) and prepped my ingredients for the dishes I’m planning to make.

And then the game started finally. Aarggghhhh … what’s going on? This is not the team that was so dominant in game 6. Oh well, still early so I kind of stayed put and just kept watching. It seems like we can’t do anything right. The offense sucks; they’re not moving the ball and above all, the Celtics are up by ten. My head started hurting and it seems like it’s going to develop into migraine. I had to take two Tylenols but it didn’t help. Time to stop watching and I took off my jersey, changed everything I was wearing then. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I headed to the kitchen, grabbed my purple yams, tapioca pearls, jackfruit, coconut milk and brown sugar. I need to do something to distract me from the ugly game. So I cooked this cubed purple yams in coconut milk with tapioca and jackfruit.

Head still aching so I went out and resumed watering the grass hoping to find some comfort outside but I just couldn’t. So I went back inside and checked the scores. Boston up but close. Come on guys, we need some stops and just keep rebounding ball.
I wanted to watch the game in full but there are times when I feel that they're losing when I'm watching. This is one of those times. So went out and finished watering the grass only to come back later. I have to just weather this and cheer for them no matter what the outcome would be. My guys will figure a way out of this funk. And they did. Defense and rebounds made a difference and gave them their back-to-back NBA title. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried too when my guys were tearing up. It was such an emotional finish but worth it.

Parade is on Monday and then my life will be back to normal again. By the way, I made baked macaroni and peach cobbler for my friends at work. It was pure happiness at Lakers Land today.

My Repeat Cake


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