A sigh of relief ....

I was a bundle of nerves last night when my guys were on the verge of elimination. I did my best to go about my usual routines the whole day but honestly, I did the opposite of some stuff which I felt brought bad vibes to the games which they lost. Silly… but I just felt like it. The Lakers rose to the occasion and routed the Celtics. A big sigh of relief here and I'll just deal with Thursday for the final game.

So even as I promised myself that I am not baking anything celebratory, I just found myself baking banana cake after the game. Partly it was also because I saw we have so much ripe bananas so I need to put them to good use. The purple and gold candy sprinkles and my little basketball in the middle were last minute addition to give it a Lakers flavor. They played a great game last night so they deserve a cake. I wish I have better cake decorating skills but for now, I just have to be content in the knowledge that my stuff tastes good ha ha ha ha ha….albeit not that pretty!


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