I’m back!

Yes I am! Have you ever felt like there’s so much you want to talk about but just can’t seem to start anywhere? That’s exactly where I’ve been last week. It was busy and all my plans didn’t really materialize. Not all of them anyway.

I planned on making a Remembering Michael cake and cookies for June 25 to commemorate his first year death anniversary but didn’t get the chance to. All I did was listen to his music which will always be a part of our lives forever. I just noticed I haven’t changed my PYT ring tone from last year.

That Friday, we also tried a new gelato and sorbeto brand called Talenti which I always hear being advertised on the radio for so long. Made from fresh ingredients all over the world and blah – the sucker me for new products was intrigued as always and determined to try and find out if the product is as good as the advertisement. So by Thursday morning, I told the other foodie at work about it. She loves to try new stuff like me so selling the idea to her was a breeze.

Together we did our little research on the net to decide what flavors to get. We decided to get Caribbean Coconut gelato since the ad boasts about getting select coconuts from the Philippines. My foodie friend will get the Chocolate Hazelnut although Dulce de Leche is tempting her as well. But we found out that not all the flavors we saw on the web site are available at Ralph’s. My friend ended up getting Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Black Cherry gelatos and Tropical Coconut from another brand as an alternative.

I still want to taste Talenti’s Caribbean Coconut flavor then I’ll make my comparison and I think having tasted only two flavors of the product is not enough to really judge the product. But one feature I like with Talenti is they come in pints and the packaging is really nice. You can recycle the container and use them to store anything.

Saturday was family day. We went swimming which we always do during summer. I thought I won’t be able to make it because I wasn’t feeling well that day. I was sneezing a lot and my eyes were watery- signs of allergy. And on top of it all, a big headache which I hoped would go away once I take some Tylenols and soak in the water. It didn’t so I was out of the water sooner than I would normally do because I so love swimming. We had a little picnic but did not even take pictures of the food we have. I also realized that part of the headache was caused by hunger. I suddenly remember not eating anything before leaving the house. It was fun though and I’m planning to hit the pool again next weekend and hopefully, no more headache.


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