Tuna Sandwich – a quick and healthy alternative

Don't we sometimes get tired of the usual food we eat everyday or feel the stress in thinking or deciding what to prepare for lunch or dinner? In those instances, we turn to fast-food. But food can be fast and healthy at the same time. Healthy subs packed with fresh ingredients to fill the need are the better option. And for that- the more popular choices are Quiznos and Subway.

I have always favored Quiznos over Subway because I want my subs warm and toasty the way Quizno’s does them. But Subway chose to be competitive and started toasting their subs as well so I found myself going that route lately. I also love the way they have more ingredients now and more condiments to improve the flavors of their once-bland sandwiches.

My current favorite is Tuna sandwich and here’s how I build what to my mind is “the perfect tuna sub”. My bread preference is honey oat toasted first before assembling the following: tuna on a bed of baby spinach then topped with cucumbers, tomato slices, purple onion, jalapeño peppers, a little mayo, and honey-mustard and feta cheese to complete the ensemble. How can you go wrong with that? Nice bread with lots of grains and fibers; an array of salad ingredients topping it so that you can say you have a salad and a sub at the same time- truly a healthy lunch and packed with flavors. Again, I dare you to try this next time you visit Subway then tell me what you think


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