Waiting for my peach cobbler

I should have done this last night but I had a bad headache that wouldn’t go away even after a long shower so now, I’m still here at home, waiting for my peach cobbler to finish baking. This is for my co-worker who is celebrating her birthday and we are having pot luck for her. Peach Cobbler seemed quicker to make but because of the size, it takes longer than I thought it would be. And now when I took a picture as it is baking, I realized how ugly my top crust is. Somewhere along the way while cutting the dough to make a lattice top effect, lazy me didn’t cut the dough on the working table. Instead, I held on to the dough while cutting it with scissors. Well, I was going to use shortcake dough as topping and just drop it in spoonfuls with oatmeal but I can’t find my biscuit flour. Well, the topping may not be perfect but I’m sure my friends at work will love it. I haven’t told you that Peach Cobbler is among the very first that I baked. I love peaches and it is the only fruit I can eat as a pie or cobbler filling. Even with apple pie, I am really picky. I don't know why. I love berries but I don't like them as pie fillings whereas I've used peaches in cobblers, coffee cakes and crisps and they’re all crowd pleasers.


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