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Last April 10, 2010 I wrote about my blog status which goes like this, eight months; 147 posts and 22 followers. Today, my blog is ten months old; I have 207 posts and 28 followers-not so much growth there and I don’t really get a lot of comments in my posts. Not that I’m complaining. Maybe most of my readers prefer to just lurk in silence. Last week, June 5 to be exact, I added a counter to my blog. I’m just curious to know how many people read my stuff here.

Tomorrow starts the best of three between my Lakers and the Celtics. I said best of three because they stand tied at 2-2 in this best of seven series. I must confess I have to think of other stuff to take my mind off the game. Hopefully I can channel this nervous energy to some degree of activity in the kitchen. That used to be the case when I’m stressed out about something but when it comes to my homeboys, I have some silly superstitions that conflicts with baking so I have to plan things carefully. Hey, I said silly superstitions so they can only come from someone as silly as me ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, it’s Saturday, hopefully a beautiful one that we can all enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I would love to hear from you :=)


  1. hey i'm one of your readers and i think a way your blog can improve is to make the pictures bigger! a big part of wanting to try the recipe is seeing the final product, your pictures are pretty nice but they're displayed very tiny and its a bit annoying to clicking on them to enlarge it >_> i like the new layout though! =D

    and a good site for blogger layouts is

  2. hello... thank you so much! i am still in the process of upgrading my blog and i must confess, i'm kinda lazy to read codes and stuff. but making my pictures bigger is really one of the plans. i really appreciate your time and all your suggestions <3<3<3

  3. Hi Faye! :D I'm a reader of your blog :) I like the jelly bean background, very cute! Hehe :) I'm actually making another angel food cake right with the buco-pandan you gave me~ Thanks so much!...I tried a piece before cooling it off in the freezer! Very good~ Why didn't I know about these flavors before? haha :D And I also made a chiffon cake recently with some egg whites but it wasn't as good as your angel food cake! Thanks for your recipe! I'm always using it...I can proudly say your angel food cakes are my favoriteeee :D Happy baking~ ^^

  4. Hello Michelle! I'm glad to read positive feedbacks on my new background. Jelly beans happen to be my favorites.... jelly belly ... yum... I was just waiting for you to try the buco-pandan flavoring and I knew you'd like it too. You know that freezing of the cake then thawing before serving really makes the cake moist and I do that to all my cakes. Ah, angel food cakes are the best and healthy too. Thanks again for visiting and have a safe trip to Korea. I wish I could go with you. I really want to go there to see my honey Jang Geun Suk and my oppa Gong Yoo ha ha ha ha ha ha...

  5. Hi Faye! :D The buco-pandan is really good! My dad really likes the angel food cake :) haha...and I definitely agree...freezing the cake than thawing it gives the perfect texture! haha :) I'm kinda impatient so I just eat it straight from the freezer...but its sooo good! Yes, and I agree! I felt kinda guilty eating the chiffon cake because it had oil and coconut milk in it~ haha...I think angel food cakes are my favorite now :) haha..I actually baked two buco-pandan angel food cakes for dad...he likes having them as desserts for dinner~ I sliced them and stuck them in the freezer so he can have some while I'm away...but I'm eating them before I leave so they're disappearing! haha...and thank you! You should definitely visit Korea in the future too then you can do some major celebrity stalking! :D

  6. Hello Faye!
    I guess I'm one of your silence lurkers, but I love reading your food posts. Reading your posts always make me hungry. I wish I can be as creative as you are. =)

  7. Hi! Thank you for reading my blog. I hope I can inspire you to cook as well but if not, I still appreciate your time and the warmth.


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