And the dream is now a reality!

Last May 27, I posted about having a dream about making tres leches cake but in a flavor that I haven’t done in the past. In fact, at that time I searched the internet if such flavor existed or done before and I didn’t find it. The prospect excited me so much and since then I’ve been waiting for the perfect ingredients so I could make the cake. I just need really good and sweet cantaloupe for this cake so I was willing to bide my time as cantaloupes are just coming out at that time. Meanwhile, I had to search for another ingredient which is essential to my recipe. Yesterday we have really sweet cantaloupes and with the melon flavoring which I found at an Asian market, I was ready to make my dream a reality and I did!

Presenting ...

My Tres Leches Dream

I used my basic tres leches recipe with cantaloupe or melon in the centerpiece of the cake. I started with the sponge cake which is flavored with melon and vanilla extracts. The milk bath is infused with melon juice which I extracted by running the web netting with seeds in the middle through a strainer then mixed it with the three milks I used. Then I used melon balls and melon half-moons as topping with a sprig of mint leaves in the center.


  1. This is such a unique dessert. I have never heard of melon extract or melon cake. You are an artist, Faye!

  2. Thank you! I swear, I dreamt about it and the availability of the ingredients made it possible.


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