Cute Apron and Chocolate Kisses

I don’t know if it’s because I never had a black apron or the message printed in front that drew me to this one like a magnet. I wanted it and I just had to have it. Isn’t it cute? And the message is just so true. Real friendship like good wine gets better with age.
I got some chocolate kisses from my cousin today. But these are not the regular ones – these have my favorite macadamia nuts in the center.

I need to give these kisses away quick or I’ll be in big trouble if I can’t stop popping them in my mouth. I love chocolates but I’m not into hoarding chocolates or someone who goes into crazy chocolate craving moments. But there are times when I can’t stop eating them especially when they have nuts and macadamia for that matter. I would just let it melt in my mouth then bite on the crunchy nut as the final salvo. These little kisses are mouth-watering but so sinful. Hmmmm 220 calories for 9 little pieces. Are they worth it?


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