It's my boss's birthday.. again!

I was so tired last night I could barely open my eyes and I mistook it as sleepiness. I thought I’d pass out as soon as my back hits the bed but on the contrary, I had a hard time doing so. My tired eyes are just closed and my body just succumbed to the softness underneath but I was awake for what seemed like eternity. I thought of turning on the television or do my blog but while I am very much conscious, my eyes just refuse to open. I don’t know what time I was able to finally sleep. I just knew I woke up around 5 but too weak to get up. I willed myself to go back to sleep and did but was shocked when I woke up at 6:30 am. I’m going to be late! I took a long cold shower to wake up my sleepy cells (I love saying that although I’m not sure if our cells feel sleepy at all he he he) and then off to work at last. Hmm…. It has started getting warm again.

And look at the skies ….lovely! And I can smell maple and peach aroma mingling with ube and coconut inside my car. We are going to have food galore at work because it’s my boss’s birthday! My co-workers are bringing food and my contribution is an Ube Angel Food Cake.

I chose ube because it is my current favorite among my angel food cakes and I want to know if the result I got from the first one I made is not a fluke. And it’s not! I got the same soft, chiffon cake-like texture and the ube flavor is really there which is the perfect match for the coconut-cream cheese frosting I whipped. My only regret is not having enough time to decorate the cake and make it prettier.

We had a feast for lunch which extended till the afternoon. We have roasted pig, barbecue (so tender and flavorful!), fish, fried chicken, peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert and the cake. We even had puto bumbong (made from sweet rice flour and mochiko with purple color, steamed and rolled in grated coconut then served with butter or margarine and brown sugar. After the heavy lunch, we had chips and salsa, watermelon and tea or coffee, whatever your choice is as we try to shake off that sleepy feeling after pigging out.


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