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2016 encapsulated (late post)

I know I was on that “now you see her-now you don’t” status the whole of 2016 that at times I asked myself if I’m ever going to be back or if this blog is still worth keeping when I haven’t done updates regularly.  There are really things so hard to let go off- the way I hoard certain stuff because of emotional attachment to them and so it’s safe to say I am emotionally attached to this blog that I am not ready to close it.  I know, I am more visible in my Instagram  account but still there are times when I want to talk more lengthily about my food; this is something I do more for my own satisfaction and I just know I will be back somehow so here I am with some of my best creations and what-nots of 2016 in a capsule.  TIMPANO- It was six years ago when I made this last.  I even bought an original timpano pan online thinking I'd be making the dish often and the first couple of times, I used a Pyrex bowl which is pretty small.  So I bought a big one because I knew in my he

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