Feeling steak and potatoes for dinner

A sinful feeling just when the day is over and dinner should be something light. But I have my rib eye steaks sitting for hours seasoned with salt and pepper and massaged with canola oil. I can almost hear the sizzle as the fat slabs of meat touches the hot pan for searing. I love steaks simply seasoned with salt, pepper and canola or olive oil then grilled medium well. But I'm not a grill person (although I use my grill pan a lot) so I'll just pan sear it and finish it off in the oven. And potato medley with garlic and rosemary shouldn't be far behind. I just love them together.

To sweeten and finish off the meal, I baked a classic yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting. I haven’t done a yellow cake forever- in fact; the last yellow cake I made is a base for custard cake which I made last year. Plus, I have to get rid of the egg yolks left from the angel food cake I made earlier. It is a tall cake having used three cups of cake flour with six egg yolks and I kind of messed it up because I couldn’t choose a better time to water the grass. I've been in the kitchen too long that I felt I needed some fresh air and I was thinking I’d be done before the cake is done which obviously didn’t happen because I was five minutes late. The cake came out fine but not as moist as I want it to be. Oh well, another lesson learned here- do not stray from the kitchen when cooking something.


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