Another lazy girl's dinner

There are times when food seems a little tiring or is it just a case of not being able to decide what to eat. You open the fridge with the hope of a semblance of inspiration as you do your visual inspection of what is there. You look at the fruit tray thinking maybe a fruit will fill the vacuum in your brain and in your stomach- no such luck there, that’s how I felt earlier.

But it all began in the morning when we had breakfast at work. I thought we’ll have cereal but my friend Lola wants cup noodles. I overcooked mine so that’s a disaster in my book. I sort of just toyed with it with occasional sips of the soup. Even the breakfast roll we had tasted bland. I looked forward to lunch. We wanted something light so we had jaiva with tostadas (imitation crab ceviche with tostadas) and coconut-pineapple raspados (grated coconut and pineapple with shaved ice) but I got full early on because I can’t stop sipping my raspado. So I didn’t finish my ceviche.

Dinner time- I’m at my laziest and just tried to forget hunger by watching Dong Yi. Failed! Tummy is grumbling and crying out for mercy. Don’t like noodles. Don’t like pasta. Don’t like rice. Survey the pantry. Hmm… potato bread, wheat bread, bolillo rolls - eeny, meeny, miny, moe – which one is the best amongst you? And the winner is potato bread! I’m suddenly craving for strawberry-cream cheese sandwich. So I grabbed an old pan to toast my bread.And spread cream cheese on one side and strawberry preserves on the other.Perfect combination!
Still a little bit hungry...
Nutella! No fresh strawberries or banana so the preserves will do!
Ah! That worked! Simple sandwiches can taste like the best ever! I was sated and tummy’s happy. I should have done Nutella with cream cheese too. But that will be another lazy dinner- and tomorrow will hopefully bring me back to normalcy- meanwhile, back to Dong Yi!


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