Autumn is coming and other thoughts

And so it seems to get dark sooner and I would wake up in the morning thinking I’m early only to find out the opposite-six o’clock is like five and really deceiving if I am to get up without checking the clock. I have to start adjusting myself to waking up early again as time will be adjusted to fall back an hour next month again. Thinking about it, we must have had a really short summer this time. I’m not complaining though because I have no problem with cold weather- at least here in So Cal. We are blessed with the best weather in the world!

With autumn just around the corner, it will be much cooler in the kitchen and so much so when winter comes. I imagine warm and comforting food; soups and pies and casseroles, steaming bowls of ramen, congee, champurado, hot chocolate, tea and coffee which I should avoid because of my migraine. I should just go back to honey-ginger tea from the Korean market. And now that I mentioned Korean market, I suddenly think of soon du bu, steaming sticky rice and sizzling plate of beef bulgogi. I know we will be heading to Korean restaurants a lot again if I will be lazy to cook.

Talk about lazy. I didn’t do a lot on the cooking department in terms of trying new recipes. I even blogged about making use of all the cookbooks I have accumulated through the years but I failed miserably. Sure, I do cook but it is mostly for daily consumption. I would love to try more stuff and venture into something I haven’t really done. But I’m still hampered by my busy schedule and time is always slipping so fast. I have to do other things too, and it’s just one of the reasons or excuses that will forever be the easiest explanation which leads to this mediocrity.

I have a lot of cooking gadgets I haven’t used. It’s so nice to have everything you see on television and I’ve been guilty of being a sucker for new items “As seen on TV” as the commercial says. But I stopped because the kitchen seems to be getting smaller as the cabinets are filling up with boxes of kitchen gadgets. I always end up using what is available on the counter top which has the same function anyway as the ones still boxed. That explains why they’re still in that “boxed” situation- something else performs the same functionality as theirs. I was just a compulsive shopper and glad it is a thing of the past now. There is just one more item on my wish list that I cannot erase because I still want it and I need it. A pasta maker will be cool and since I love cooking pasta, it will be a major deprivation on my part if I will not be able to make my own pasta he he … paging you know who you are… I know I will get my hands on it eventually (just messing with someone who pledged a pasta maker to me).

And so after all these rambling, I welcome the changing of the season with great anticipation of better things and more time and inspiration to make and prepare delicious food from my kitchen- and yes, to feed and to please.


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