Extended summer woes

It was 107° hot yesterday that I had to put off my baking and cooking schedule lest I get a migraine attack if I linger in the kitchen. For a while I was confused why summer seems to be having an extended run but when I did some thinking, I realized that just last year, we experienced the same thing. Heat wave around this time but I was enjoying my chilled young coconut in a shell at a Vietnamese restaurant; and guess what- with a bowl of steaming pho and it was 107°outside. That was major craving back then. Yeah, I was ranting about the heat but raving about my bowl of pho and the refreshing young coconut juice. But this hot weather has been hampering my cooking schedule. Just when I have a lot lined up for baking. Some I can postpone but some I just can’t.

We’ll see what happens later. Either I brave the heat and just use a fan in the kitchen even as I can already imagine the hot air like it’s coming from the oven and not the fan- or bust. I have committed to bake a birthday cake and a repeat of my Maple Peach Bread Pudding for a friend.

Update later...


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