Wrapping up another week with a smile

It was all good. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday to hopefully try to make something nice in the kitchen or just continue on where I left off. I didn’t do much cooking this week because I’m usually tired when I get home or I maybe did a simple dish here and there but they’re the usual home cooking type I do to get by on week days. I guess it’s also because there was no need for anything out of the usual - no special occasion that calls for special creations from the kitchen. And no surprise guests in the house either. I have pending projects like My Pancake Series, Spices of My Life, among others and who knows when I’ll be able to finish them. I’ll just do whatever depending on my mood and my cravings.

Weekend also means I’ll take a break from breakfast of cereal and take out lunches we do at work.

Incidentally, we tried another Thai restaurant yesterday and I had tom yum noodle soup. The flat noodles were kind of overdone so it turned into a big pasty white blob sitting on the carton and they started breaking apart when I poured the broth on it. It was the tasty broth that saved the day so I just enjoyed the shrimps, the pork slices and veggies. Now we know better so we’ll be back to our old reliable Thai food place.

My friend just came back from her vacation in Mexico and she brought me this cutesy straw bag. I never had anything like this one before and I really love it.

Which reminds me how I have become a changed person - I haven’t shopped for a purse for months. In fact, the last one I got was a Hello Kitty tote bag. Gone are the days when i can't get enough of those bags. Yay.... I'm fully rehabbed now ha ha ha ha ha ha....


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