Spring time… allergy time

I love spring! It is growth, rebirth and change. Flowers start to bloom and it is as if everything around us is on renewal mode. The season changes- not too cold and not yet hot like summer. But the change brings a lot of stuff in the air which is the only drawback and what I hate when spring time comes. My allergies are all acting up. From sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose, name it and worse, my asthma which is allergy-triggered, I think. So I’ve been making nothing but quick fixes in the kitchen coz’ I don’t have the energy to cook something fancier. Anyway, my taste buds seem to be cooperating because I’ve been craving for simple stuff like my favorite emergency food, Ox and Palm corned beef with roasted corn which I had for dinner last night.

And tonight, tofu ramen. I used silken tofu and bean sprouts with chicken broth for my noodles; scallions and sriracha sauce.

My sweet tooth will not be deprived, allergy or not so I baked chocolate crinkles using dark chocolate for a more chocolaty flavor. The outside part has a light crunch to it and then the middle part has brownie like, fudgy texture the way I love my crinkles to be-fudgy and chocolaty and yummy.


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