Blogger status and other rambling

Eight months, 147 posts, 22 followers. That’s the blogger status. Starting with food and request from well-meaning people who believe that I should have my own little corner for my recipes to share with people who like me, loves food --- for whatever purpose it may be. It could be to feast on it, drool, dream, whatever, if for any reason one can’t do the most natural thing which is eat for nourishment and live. Anyway, I already talked about why I cook in one of my earlier posts so feel free to just check the archive if you’re curious.

My Blackberry Storm 9530

I’ve had it for almost two years. I got it on the very first day it came out and stuck with it despite all the negative reviews it got from day one. I guess I wasn’t expecting a lot from it unlike the rest. I have a desktop computer and a notebook as well so I am not depending on my Storm for browsing and watching videos. Email and BBM is just tops and I love the camera which takes really nice pictures. In fact, 90% of my pictures are taken using it. My friends love to view all my creations and are quite amused that the pictures are mostly food, clouds, sunset and sunrise. It is so convenient to use because I have it with me all the time. I am due for an upgrade next month but I feel so attached to it. If I find another Blackberry with a better camera, then I will get it.

Interesting finds from TJ’s spice shelf and else where

I must confess I am a compulsive buyer. I have this nasty habit of hoarding spices, flavorings, cheeses, nuts, cooking/baking chocolates, noodles, mushrooms and anything I feel I would need for my kitchen activities. The thing is, I would postpone making something in favor of a more interesting dish that could arouse my curiosity at one time and the poor initially-planned-to-do dish is totally forgotten. And that causes expired cheeses, sour cream, heavy cream and most of those dairy products. But I’m getting better now because I make it a point to buy them as needed except for milk which is a daily necessity in my life so it has to be always present in our fridge.

But going back to the subject, I found this interesting kind of salt in the spice shelf at Trader Joe’s. I know for a fact that Himalayan salt is the purest salt on earth and has a lot of good health benefits. I remember receiving a Himalayan salt lamp as a birthday present last year (I should check it out- maybe it will cure me of my allergies) and seeing one in a block form in one of the Iron Chef battles at Food Network. At that time, I was so amazed and totally awed by the presentation of a dish on a Himalayan salt block. So today, I tried some on my beef and vegetable soup and it was really delicious. Next time, I’ll use it in baking find out the difference. But looking at the bottle, it says, Product of Pakistan. Well……

I’ve been looking for pandan paste for the longest time but in vain. Instead, I found pandan extract in miniature bottle. I grabbed a couple and will try it when I make my pandan chiffon cake. I also found mango and ube flavorings and it’s amusing that they are only available in Asian markets although with McCormick brand. I find them potent enough and they really bring out the flavors in my desserts. I used to order mango extract on the internet but having found this cheaper alternative, I will probably just stick to this one. Oh yes, I already have some in stock lol…. And the ube flavor which is the purple yam comes handy when I make my Filipino dessert called “ginatan”. I don’t have to go through the hassle of peeling the skin of the purple yam- just a few drops of this wonderful purple essence and my dessert tastes of real ube.

To wrap this up, I know there are times when I fail to do this because of my busy schedules and there are times when I forget to include recipes of what i made. It is easy to go back and I'll do my best to accomodate requests for recipes. It's been and still is fun. I'm glad I started this blog and will make it better.


  1. Another great place to find Himalayan pink salt is from Sustainable Sourcing I LOVE their selection and they donate money to environmental causes.


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