Looking forward to a great week ahead

Inhale all the forces of the universe; exhale all the negative feelings! I always remember those lines when I just want to forget all the unpleasant things that happened at some point around me. Move on and with positive thoughts- things will be for the better including the Lakers. My friends would say how predictable ha ha ha ha ha...

It’s NBA season and most importantly, the playoffs so I’m so into it. But today, I didn’t listen to ESPN radio on my way to work. I just enjoyed the ride listening to Brian and I must say he never cease to amaze me with his musicality and his intelligence as a whole- and funny too.

It’s a different story at work coz’ it is Lakersland and everyone’s just pissed off. Well guess what, all of us will be pumped up tomorrow for sure when we expect revenge at Staples.

So I’m still here in front of my pc, still undecided if I will cook something and if ever, what to cook- still no clue and no inspiration at all. I bought grapefruits because I want to try Michelle’s grapefruit yogurt pound cake but somehow the lazy bug took the best of me. And I’ve been eating one grapefruit after another I'm afraid there'll be nothing left when I finally decide to make the pound cake. I just love Texas grapefruit- the best ever!

I love fruits!

I love grapefruits, oranges, mangoes, peaches, apples, oranges, pineapples, strawberries and other berries, bananas, pears and almost all fruits. But I don’t like peaches that are soft- love them crunchy and the same goes with pears, plums, and nectarines. I don’t like soft bananas either. I have better use for them and that’s for a cake or for muffins. There are so many things to make and do with fruits- whether eaten as they are or as ingredients in pastries and dishes.

I guess I'm just gonna chill out tonight, check out what's new at Viikii or maybe catch up on my reading- who knows? If ever I'll get the urge to cook something, it won't be a secret :-)


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