A Japanese Lunch

I haven’t blogged for days- and I haven’t cooked a real meal either. The culprit and the reason for that starts with a big "W" - wheezing, the nagging sound coming from my chest like newborn kittens crying out to be nourished every time I breathe. It is so annoying and it just takes away my enthusiasm to cook. A trip to a Japanese restaurant sounds the best thing to do under the circumstance. Why not? It’s been a while anyway. So I got myself the number 6 from the menu which is a huge platter that holds shrimp tempura, salmon teriyaki and spicy tuna rolls with white rice and green salad with a little bowl of miso soup on the side. It was good and filling but none of the bloated feeling after eating as I didn’t finish everything. It would be cool to prepare my own bento lunch box in the future. Maybe when this wheezing totally disappears with my allergies tagging along as well- hopefully!


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