The Great Tomato Poem

I’ve always thought you’re a veggie
Who’s to blame for the fallacy?
You never hang out with your own
Acting as if you don’t belong
You’re a cherry and a grape as well
A plum, a currant and a pear
Scientifically a fruit they say
Yet from the fruit basket you’re far away
Beefsteak, globe and heirloom
A wide variety to choose from
Which one’s the best and fit
For salads, soups or a simple dish
Dressing up burgers and sandwich to the nines
Perfect company for cheeses and wine
And today as I walk by the parking lot
I saw you in the corner spot
All green and proud and lots of promise
Of your golden fruits for us to cherish
Others chop, puree and turn you to paste
Make sauces and juices; nothing to waste
Delish simply drizzled with evoo
Dash of salt; pepper and I’m in love with you
A fruit; a veggie- whatever
Your specie doesn’t really matter
All I know is you’re special
Your value is unequivocal
Heart friendly; cancer’s enemy
Glad all year round you come a-plenty
A kitchen must-have and a star
The great tomato; that’s what you are
Composed while my homeboys are playing their 2nd game which they won... thankfully... now I can heave a sigh of relief. I just had to take my mind off the game when it was getting crazy out there....Go Lakers!


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