Nutella: A Poem

Rich and creamy
Decadent, chocolaty
Sixty years or so ago
Pietro Ferrero created you
When chocolates are scarce and pricey
They used hazelnuts and everything’s history
You’ve conquered the meek
And took over the weak
Brought hordes of foodies at your feet
With your heavenly taste that I adore
Nothing goes to waste which I abhor
A dollop in strawberries or a banana
Enough to make one utter oh la la
As a sandwich filling or cupcake swirl
It makes eating a lot of thrill
You’re the cherished possession of millions
Someone I know calls you her obsession
A regular sight in every pantry
I confess to hoard you as a necessity
So here’s to you Nutella,
To us you’re more than just a spread
You’ll be in our hearts solely; that’s a pledge!

When I started my blog, I mentioned that there will be times when I would just want to compose a poem and this is one. I think Nutella deserves a poem from me :-) Gosh, talk about obsession- I know someone who thinks of Nutella as her lover lol...


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