A trifle dish bowl at last!

Ever since I saw Mario Batali and Rachael Ray made that Panettone-Berry Trifle in an Iron Chef episode, I’ve wanted to buy a trifle dish bowl of my own. It just makes the dessert more inviting than just assembling your trifle in a footless glass bowl. Then I saw Paula Deen did her own in her show Paula’s Parties and I knew I got to have it. But I never found one in my past grocery shopping trips or apparently didn’t look hard enough because I found this at Wal-Mart yesterday, without meaning to. I was looking at the food processors when my eyes landed on this. Call it another case of serendipity! Now I can make my trifle when I have friends coming over to hang out. And it’s not that expensive- $6 something for this beautiful pedestal for future scrumptious desserts.


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