Food Trip Night

Our friends made a surprise visit to us last night and such a pleasant one because I didn’t even have to lift a finger in the kitchen to cook. They did most of the preparation which is very rare- and they even brought a lot of stuff so all I did was sit on the dinner table and enjoy the food they brought. They were just setting everything and I could hear apologies here and there about this and that dish being inferior to how I cook them. I kind of played with them and pretended to be scrutinizing every dish and making faces while I taste them.

Actually, everything tastes good. To sum it up, it was a delicious dinner put together by friends and the laughter and the fun we had made it even more memorable. We had pinakbet which is a medley of vegetables like skinny beans or string beans, squash, bitter melon, okra, tomatoes, onion, garlic, pork and shrimp paste.

We also had steamed shrimps with spicy vinegar on the side, beef steak, salted eggs with chopped tomatoes and green mangoes and leche flan.

And just to reward them for all their hard work I made purple sweet potatoes cooked in coconut milk with jackfruit and plain candied sweet potatoes which they really love and would often times request and will probably prepare when it's our time to play hosts again next time.


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