Project: Angel Food Cake A Day

Wednesday – Almond Crunch & Whipped Chocolate

I was thinking pistachio or mint for the cake but I didn’t have neither ingredients. So I settled for almond, vanilla and lemon extracts but I used a drop of green for the batter to have a baby green color to complement the brown of the chocolate whipped topping I’m going to use for the frosting. I used equal parts of organic and spiced cocoa, instant coffee, confectioner’s sugar, milk and chilled whipping cream for the filling and frosting. I thought I’d name this cake almond crunch angel food cake with whipped chocolate frosting but I realized I’m out of my home made crunch so I made some more.

This is way better than the earlier ones I made because it is more brittle and I could just crumble it using my hand- and oh, it melts in your mouth too. So I split the cake in half and spread the whipped chocolate on top then added the crumbled crunch before putting the other half on top. Then it’s whipped chocolate all over, some more crunch and grated dark chocolate- my angel food cake for hump day.


  1. Hey! I like the green tint in the cake - pretty. I love baking but my sweets usually sit and go stale before I have to dump the whole thing :/ I hope whoever ate this was happy with the results!

  2. Thank you! I hope so too :-)


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