Project: Angel Food Cake A Day continues ...

Supposedly for Thursday - Peaches And Cream

I had everything ready last Thursday- ingredients and all but what appeared to be an allergy on my left eye developed into sty. I just can't do my angel food cake because I had to constantly apply warm compress to my eye and it was painful although a feeling of discomfort is more like it. Today, I finally resumed operations in the project with my Peaches and Cream Angel Food Cake. I baked the cake in spring form pan this time and I used Neufchatel cheese (which has 1/3 less fat than regular cream cheese) mixed with peaches, confectioner's sugar and cool whip as filling and frosting. Then I decorated the cake with some peach slices and mint leaves. It is so good! I've always loved peaches and cream flavor and have used it in coffee cakes and smoothies. It's a winning flavor for my angel food cake as well.


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