My trifle dish bowl makes a debut

She’s been sitting on the center of our dining table since the day I bought her. I never really bothered to put her away because I know I will be using her soon. Just waiting for the perfect occasion when I have to entertain or feed people because she’s huge and meant for a crowd of at least 6-8 people if I’m going to fill her. And she should be full or at least ¾ full and she’ll be fine. Obviously, I can no longer contain my excitement to make my first trifle and I want to do it now with or without guests to feed.

The truth is I started preparing last night when I baked the angel food cake as the base for my trifle. I used vanilla, lemon and almond extracts for the cake. I pre-washed all my berries and let them air-dry before putting them back to the fridge. Then I whipped lemon pudding mix with whole milk. Because of the size of the trifle dish, I used up all three packages of lemon pudding and an extra vanilla flavored one because three packages were not enough. But there was still a big chunk of the angel food cake left and most of the berries for my Pancake Series. It was fun making it because of the ease of preparation and seeing the layers transform into a pretty dessert. I already have plans on my next trifle- something I can bring to work and share with my co-workers/friends.


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