Wednesday rants and raves

Foggy Wednesday
Foggy morning! It can only mean one thing… it’s going to be freaking hot today! Thank God for air conditioners- I was safe for eight hours while at work. But driving home, even as my car a/c’s working fine; I can’t help but look at the temperature reading in my dashboard-107 degrees! I felt a sudden craving for a refreshing drink. Ah, fresh juice of a young coconut with the white tender meat that I love to scoop with a spoon from its shell. And I know where I can get it. So I had to swing by that cozy place even all by myself.

107 degrees inside a Viet restaurant
I was welcomed with friendly smiles. So glad there are only a handful of customers although I’m pretty sure, it’s going to be packed soon. Oh please, just let me have my cool drink. But the people there has those steaming huge bowls in front of them and I could see those fresh herbs on the side. Aw, and the aroma is just so inviting! I just need to have some myself. It’s so funny- I went there for a refreshing cold drink and I ended up with a huge bowl of steaming pho as well. Who can resist this anyway?


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