It's my boss's birthday!

It’s my boss’s birthday and I didn’t bake anything for her. Not that I’m in trouble but it’s weird that I didn’t make anything for today when I always bring my creations at work whenever I feel like it- which is almost everyday…lol. And I don’t feel like buying one from a bake shop.

What can I make that will not require baking and that’s delicious and not fattening? I am back to my old reliable Jello Mousse! With just four different flavors, two tubs of Cool Whip, boiling water and mint leaves, I will have a delicious dessert that will compensate for the absence of a birthday cake by noontime.

As long as I have a mixing bowl, a fork and another vessel to transfer it to for molding- we’re good to go. And I must have a good sense of foresight for not discarding the plastic container of the salad greens we used yesterday. Yup, to re-cycle is a virtue! The plastic container is destined to play a very important role in the making of the day’s special dessert…ha ha ha ha …

10:00 am
First flavor – orange
oops... I forgot to take a pic

10:30 am
Just poured in the second flavor – lemon ... Ohhh it’s looking pretty!

11:00 am
Third flavor- strawberry and we’re looking gorgeous!

12:00 noon
All four flavors are in – grape on top and in between all four- whipped cream and mint leaves

12:30 pm
My Rainbow Jello Mousse is ready! My boss is happy and everybody's pleased.... I got a ton of compliments....the verdict ....
Jello Mousse ... always a winner!
But I kinda feel sorry for those who didn't get to taste it- it just wasn't enough for everyone:-(

Here's the recipe:

Rainbow Jello Mousse

4 (6 oz)pkgs flavored Jell-O (I used orange, lemon, strawberry and grape)
3 cups boiling water for each pkg
2 tubs Cool Whip
Jell-O molder or pyrex dish

In a bowl, pour boiling water and empty the orange flavored jell-o package. Using a fork, stir continuously for three minutes until the Jell-O is completely dissolved. Add a heaping cup of whipped cream into the Jell-O mix and whisk. Make sure the whipped cream is dissolved fully. Transfer to a pyrex dish or a jell-o molder and put in the freezer for 15 minutes just to let it set faster. While it is in the process of firming, work on the second flavor (lemon) and repeat the process. Pour the lemon-whipped cream mix slowly over the orange jell-o which should be firm at this time. Return the pyrex dish to the freezer and let it set while you work on the third flavor (strawberry) and do the same steps. The last and top flavor will be grape. I used these flavors and they married perfectly together. You can of course use other flavors of your choice. You will see that each flavor sort of becomes two layers because of the Cool Whip which separates from the jell-o and which gives it the mousse effect. Once the top flavor sets, you can transfer the dish to the fridge to finish chilling before serving. You can garnish it with mint leaves.


  1. It looks delicious! May I have the recipe to it?

  2. It is.... and you have to try it to find out. I updated my post and included the recipe.


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