A wonderful weekend of home cooking and W’s

I feel like I've been slacking again and haven't done my blog regulary. Blame it on the new Kdramas I'm hooked on right now lol... and of course NBA season. That was an awesome weekend with sunshine, some home cooking and my favorite team, winning games last Friday and yesterday.

I cooked some Pinoy dishes and dessert and I made some celebratory cupcakes but I didn’t quite get the purple color because I ran out of my red vegetable food color to mix with blue to achieve purple for my purple and gold.

Oh, and I missed my grill pan so much so Saturday night, I grilled some tilapia fillets and salmon too. I wish I have more fish to grill though. I miss going to San Pedro and all my favorite fresh sea foods. I should make a trip there one of these days if I ever get up early on a weekend lol....


  1. Do you watch Korean Dramas 'pasta' I drool over anytime I watch. Do you have pasta reciepes? :)

  2. Nope.... I am currently watching "Stars Falling From The Sky" and "Smile You". But I heard about that too. I have to check that out next. What pasta recipe do you want?

  3. I dont have any spesific request I just asked I die for Pasta :) And this show makingme so hungery all the time :)) I like tomato souce but NOT GARLİC :)

  4. Oh, I feel you! I often times end up taking a break from watching Kdramas to make kimchi fried rice or ramen because the way the stars eat their food just makes me hungry. They eat with so much gusto it's so infectious ha ha ha ha ha. So you don't like garlic in your food- what about onion? Does it mean fresh or you can settle for the powdered ones?

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