Quick fixes on a busy Saturday

Recovering from the loss last night, I just immersed myself in watching Kdramas the whole day. But I got to eat too! Thank God for Spam so I was able to make a scrumptious sandwich in a jiffy. I love Spam Lite on white bread with lots of Kewpie mayo.

A friend at work gave me Chinese rice cake so I sliced some pieces, bathed them in beaten egg, fried them and sprinkled with white sugar. I can’t think of any other way to eat this delicacy. I was back to my Kdrama in no time at all :-).

I’m glad I have sugar cookie dough in the fridge which I made a couple of night ago so when I craved for cookies, I just tucked some blueberries and pinches of cream cheese and voila! Huge blueberry-cream cheese cookies, they look like scones :-)


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