Just passed hump day and I’m sick again!

Blame it on the ever changing weather! I have a cough that won’t go away and now I have fever so I had to call in sick. It seems like I’ve been lying in bed forever because I went straight to bed yesterday when I got off from work. Yesterday was just too cold and when I arrived at work, the heater in my office was blasting and I couldn’t do anything about the thermostat as it was locked. I hate heaters. I’d rather wear ten jackets if one won’t suffice to keep me warm. It just makes me sick! And now that I’m under the weather again- that means no kitchen activity for me. But there’s joy inside because my homeboys won all their three games before the All-Star break without Kobe and Drew. What a feat! And LO was just terrific and so is the rest of the team……..happy! My passion tea tastes so soothing… go away fever!


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