On a two-day ceviche eating binge

Call it indulgence but I know that as long as you go slow on the tostadas, the ceviche itself is very healthy and not fattening at all. So let's just say I was on a two-day eating binge. It started yesterday when I had a bad case of craving for ceviche. So I went shopping for my ingredients and donned my apron as soon as I got home, straight to the kitchen and chopped away the ingredients in a hurry. My jaiva (imitation crab) ceviche was ready in an hour. I used imitation crab meat, juices of oranges, limes and oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, red onion, Serrano chilies and cilantro. It was pure joy biting into the crunchy tostadas with my chunky crab ceviche.

I should have my fill of the ceviche but today, I made some more for my friend/co-worker- this time using shrimps instead of imitation crab meat. I’ve been making this for her birthday for the last three consecutive years already and fyi- this friend is Mexican but she loves my ceviche:-). In summer time, my co-workers would chip in and get the ingredients; chop them and then all I have to do is make the ceviche. Not today though. I was a one-man band but it’s ok- for my friend’s birthday!


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