Weekend shopping

It’s a beautiful Saturday and I went to a Korean market to replenish my supplies for my Korean food fetish. I bought more soon dubu jigae ingredients, some pickled cucumbers and bread. I also found out that their blue crabs and marinated short ribs are cheaper so I bought some too. Oh and huge Fuji apples and Asian pears, my noodles and shiitake mushrooms and jars of my favorite ginger citron tea. There’s just so much to buy and I had to restrain myself from buying too much because I maybe too busy to do that much cooking in the next couple of days. But now I’m content knowing I have ample supply of shiitake mushrooms (which is expensive at Albertson’s); noodles for jahp chae; dried kelp (finally!) and spices galore! I wanted to swing by the Japanese market but I thought about the crabs in my car. Plus didn’t I just restrain myself from buying more than I can cook because of an impending busy work schedule? Now, I should think about the cake I’m going to bake tomorrow. And I just realized, I didn't take pictures at the market and of what I bought -:)


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