Fridays rants

The rain is back today so I’m feeling a hot bowl of pho, or ramen or any hot soup. I don’t know. I feel like eating something but I can’t figure out what it is. I am such a food snob today, refusing offers of food and even spitting out bites of stuff I usually enjoy. It seems like my taste buds are not functioning and craving is an alien word to me right now. But I want to eat something and I want the craving feeling. It’s just weird.

I ended up having a bowl of chicken tortilla soup which I found tasty and just about awakened me and my not-so-good-mood today. It must be an omen to another loss tonight against the Nuggets. And I had another visit from migraine. It's been two nights in a row. Who would cook or eat in this situation? I'll probably be in a better mood tomorrow.... yeah, just a win at the Rose Garden will make up for the bitter taste of tonight's loss.


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