Gung Hay Fat Choy or Kung Hei Fat Choy

Whatever it is- it's a favorite holiday of mine although I don't have a drop of Chinese blood flowing in my veins which means we don't really celebrate the occasion. But it doesn't mean I can't partake of some of the goodies they have- coz' I have connections ha ha ... so I get my yearly tikoy or rice cake fix. I was surprised with red bean rice cake last year by my Taiwanese co-worker/friend. Today, I got something really special from K who incidentally hails from Hong Kong. It belongs to the rice cake family but this one needs no frying.

K told me it's ready to eat but I can warm it up by steaming if I prefer. I was so excited to find out how it taste. I saw the top sort of cracked when I opened the lid and noticed the toppings. After a bite I started to decode what's in it and if I'm correct, it has chestnuts and red beans. It's perfectly sweet- which means my kind of sweet. Not too much which makes it dangerous because, had it been sweeter, I wouldn't get another slice. It is delicious and has that custard like taste but with rice cake texture of course which is good.

Now I have another reason for liking Chinese New Year and looking forward to it. And to make today even more special, our Kimchi Chronicles dvd finally came so I can watch it already and I know I'll get a lot of inspiration from it.

to be continued


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