Weekend randomness:Sunday

Woke up today feeling good enough for brisk walking. I also need spinach for a noodle dish I'm making and I thought it best to just go to the nearest store on foot. That's killing two birds with one stone- I get my exercise and my kitchen need. It's a lovely morning and regretted a little that I didn't bring my bike. Feeling the soft morning breeze on my face while biking could have been a welcome sensation. I know pretty soon, it's going to be too cold to jog or walk in the morning. I should enjoy what's left of the fall.

Today, I made jahp chae and kimchi fried rice. Two of my favorite Korean food. I first tasted jahp chae when a Korean co-worker brought some for our pot luck. I cooked my first the following week as soon as I was able to shop for my ingredients. Too bad, I only had one small pack of cellophane noodles and my veggies kinda obscure them ha ha ha ha ha... need to go to the Korean market to replenish my stock. I even used my last shiitake mushrooms.

Kimchi fried rice came about when I saw Coffee Prince and was so intrigued at how good it must have tasted for Eun Chan to eat with so much gusto. The recipe was given by my friend/neighbor and I have passed on the recipe to a lot of people already. So easy and quick to make yet so tasty and delicious. All you need is ground pork, garlic, canola oil, steamed white rice and kimchi of course. Fried egg on top makes it even better.


  1. Mmm...I'm Korean and I've grown up eating Korean food, and your dishes look perfect :)

  2. Thank you! I would like to learn making other dishes- especially the ones I love :-)


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